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The "Warehouse" link was an interresting read. Thanks for linking that, Unclenick. It would be sooooo nice to have a convenient inexpensive indoor 100 yard range to really figure out a rifle. Where we live the wind can blow darn near daily and sometimes it gust and swirls, and generally makes fine tuning a pain in the butt.

One thing for sure--some people carry accuracy to a technical level that is baffling.

I also enjoyed the remark during the interview about "cheeking" the gun. I have found if shooting from a bench, not doing the famed "cheek weld" I can overcome flinching almost instantly. Getting even a light punch from the comb of the stock in the old cheek bone over and over eventually will make me flinchy. And shooting trap will make the flinch even worse.

Thanks again!
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