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I have an H&R break open from the 30's I put a scope on to shoot slugs. I machined the base and silver soldered it on. (I advise mounting a scope on the base, holding it to position , and marking where it goes before soldering.) The base accepts weaver style rings. It is a good solid set up and at 50 yards I get one ragged hole with Federal 2 3/4 slugs. I never tried it on targets past 50 yards, but shot two deer at 70-80 yards and it hit right where I aimed. I never saw the type of gun you have so I don't know how thick the tube is. Some of the newer guns have really thin tubes and I would be afraid silver solder or braze on them. Other than that it works out well. I am thinking you should use a bag to test your sights and various types of slugs. Even with a scope my gun will not group some brands very well. I got lucky and it seems to like the cheapest slugs out there.
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