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Single shot shotgun - Scope? Y/N?

Fellow shotgunners, I need your opinion on this!

I have a Baikal single shot shotgun with ejector which has been shortened to 20'' and equipped with rifle sights.(Sight picture reminds me of the Mosin Nagant m44 with a slightly wider front post)
I get about Palm-sized groups at 50 with various brands of Brenneke slugs, I wonder if I could do better with a scope?

I have played with the idea of getting a low picatinny rail welded onto the barrel and putting a 1-4 scope on it. Why? I like scopes, I really do.
But if it doesn't improve the accuracy its a total waste of money. What do you think?

And yes, it recoils like a mule on steroids with 3'' slugs - especially from the bench! It weighs 6 lbs! I love it!
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