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I would call 911 immediately, but I would not dare approach him in any way, shape or form.

First thing I would do is explain the situation to them. I would say that this person attacked me, and I defended myself by use of a firearm. I would then give them a location to get to.

Then I would ask to send an ambulance and some paramedics, and describe the condition the person is in if I can.

In my mind this shows two things, that you legally defended yourself, and that you are willing to call for help for the guy you just shot.

The 911 call will be recorded, so tell them exactly what happened and how it went down. this will get you ready to file a report with the police, and get all your facts straight before they arrive.

when the issue gets to court, the jury may look favorably on the fact that you called 911 to help the guy out. If nothing else, it will demonstrate that you are a normal, well adjusted human being, not a psychotic person who managed to get a carry permit.

I would not render first aid, as I am not capable of helping him at all. I have no knowledge of treating any wound more severe than a bad cut. I would keep my weapon trained on him until someone arrives, ready to re-end the threat if it comes up again.
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