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Like you, I have no stomach for sitting idly by and watching a man die. But at the same time, I have to be concerned about several things regarding my own safety. Is the BG playing possum? Are there accomplices nearby? Does he have backup weapons I don't yet know about? Until I am certain of those things - and in most circumstances it will be extremely difficult to be certain of them all - I have to remind myself that the decision not to perform first aid arises from the same moral justification as the shooting itself. The bad actor created a situation that put me or other innocents at sufficient risk that I was forced, reluctantly, to shoot. In the same way, it may well be that the bad actor has created a situation in which you are forced, reluctantly, to not offer him first aid because of the risk that he created. Neither are my choice. Regrettable, perhaps, but realistically true.
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