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In S. Texas, I'm guessing these are Bobwhite. The sorghum is good food for them, but they will need other seed types for times of the year when the sorghum isn't ripe. They will also need some cover. I'm originally from S. Georgia. The plantations there are groomed for bobwhite - including regular controlled burns of the pine forests. One thing they do is to make circle fire breaks of heavy brush areas (maybe 50 feet in diameter). These circles are allowed to grow as bushy as nature wants and they provide nesting areas for the quail. The surrounding areas are goomed to provide food. You could do something similar on the edges of your fields. Let them grow up bushy and that will provide cover while the field provides food.

The other thing that is important is predator control. Coons, foxes, and coyotes are huge predators of young quail.
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