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If you shoot any amount, you can't afford not to reload. I've seen several Dillon reloaders for sale at reasonable prices on Great thing about it is even if you buy it used, it's covered under Dillon's warranty.

If you are only going to reload handgun ammo, the Square Deal is the way to go. A little quicker since it indexes the rounds automatically instead of you having to do it manually with the 550B.

I asked them about the speeds advertised in their catalogs. They claim the 550B reloads more ammo per hour than the Square deal. They could not offer any explanation for it, either. I know the hourly round count they advertise for the SDB is lower than what you can do. So, they must intentionally lower that so the more expensive 550B doesn't have a lower hourly rate than the cheaper SDB.

I don't know, they are both excellent presses.
Results of the 1998 Massachusetts gun laws:

It is important to keep in mind the ISP reports show that firearm related homicides decreased 56% from 1994 to 1998.

From 1998 to 2002, firearm related homicides increased 48%. During the same time, firearm related accidental deaths have increased 200%.

Will work for ammo.
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