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Just for perspective,there is another active thread about a barrel to convert a 40 S+W Shield to 357 Sig for $135. Mostly,everyone is saying it works great and they are happy.

I looked up SAAMI max for 357 Sig,its 40,000 psi,plus the greater area of the 40 S+W case had.

There is no sentiment of "You could put your eye out" in that thread,yet here 9mm +P is greeted with skepticism.

FWIW,I mostly shoot Walmart WW White box 115 gr hardball.Its cheap.

Because it was on the shelf,available,I bought and reliability tested 115 gr Critical Defense. It runs.

I'm sure there is better ammo.I think I'd like 147 gr +p what? HST's or HSM's?? I have not tried any. Maybe some time.

I'm thinking its subtle shades of grey difference.The 115 Critical Defense will work.Its not even +P.

But,I COULD give up a couple of roundscapacity and put a.357 Sig barrel on it.(If it was a .40. Its a 9mm. Moot point,I'm not going to)

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