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I just peruse through my old reloading manuals year after year. I seldom change powder brands & grades.
Yup! Book read Recipes long ago tweaked to ultimate performance for my firearms still using. On second thought "Why would I go through all that experimentation and additional cost to gain so little benefit from what I now experience.
A yup! All's good so far. Haven't blown up a receiver yet firing up those old published recipes many of today's rookie home reloaders promote shouldn't be used because of powder strength.

Than again I'm not that type of home reloader that just has to try every new powder just shelved at the local gun shop. Frankly: New powders don't interest me anymore. Discontinued older popular powders without a doubt will always perk my interest though.
As a seasoned home reloader.
Would I buy new reloading books. Probably not. Reason being: So much reloading info can be had for free on the internet these days why bother buy in published book form.
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