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I can tell you I've been using both Berry's and X-treme plated bullets for over a year and yes Cabela's stock both.

In this past year I have loaded in 9mm 1000 Berry's 115gr RN, 500 124gr RN and 250 124gr. HBFPTP and I will continue to use them again. I have also loaded 500 100gr Xtreme for my 380acp and just purchased another box of the same along with a box of 500 115gr for the 9mm.

I also know a number of folks that load and shoot them in competitions and they all swear by them.

I have been loading the 9mm with HP-38 which is the same as the Winchester and I am very pleased with the results. Though I can't say I've had the same success with that powder in the 380. Others have but I haven't, it may just be the gun.

Berry's sells them by the box count of 250 for a reasonable price, so I suggest buy a box of the 115gr and the 100gr and I'll bet it doesn't take long to shoot thru them.
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