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BFR Calibers

I want a Big Ef Revolver. For a while I have been considering a .460s&wMag. The performance out of a 10" barrel revolver is nothing short of amazing, IMO. Pricwe of the round is $60-80 for 20rnds is scary. Now I have been shopping the other BFR's. 30-30, .444, 45/70 are all big handgun rounds. I know from shooting my 30-30 Marlin Lever that the round is very potent for almost any game animal. I have not found any data for 30-30 out of a 10" revolver. It wasnt intended for it. The same goes for the .444 and 45/70. Any body know of a balistic comparison for the rounds or have some real world experience. The only other handgun I know of that fires all of them is the TC and should have comparable performance with a 10" barrel.
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