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Most difficult animal you have hunted?

Hunting season starts in a a couple months and I'm getting antsy. I've been heading to my hunting area lately to see what's going on and I can't wait til season starts. My buddies and I sit around and BS and talk about different things involving hunting. Which led me to this question.

What has been the most difficult or most "illusive" animal you have hunted? People across the country hunt different animals in different types of landscape. Do you have a certain hunt you remember that was more difficult than average?

I would love to hunt mountain sheep or antelope but unfortunately my part of the country doesn't allow this. The hardest animal we hunt here is either coyotes or turkeys. Whitetails have become easier for me every year. Granted they're still a tough hunt but I've learned they aren't like coyotes or turkeys.

With a coyote, you have to be almost perfect. They can smell you way before they see you. With a turkey, you can not move. Their eyes are amazing and see everything.

What are yalls thoughts?
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