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New Sig Sauer 522

I went to Academy last week intending to buy a S&W 15-22. Some folks that I shoot with have them and I have been very impressed by the reliability and accuracy of their rifles. After handling a S&W I picked up a Sig 522 to compare. It instantly felt better to me so I bought it instead. This was pretty much an impulse decision without much research. Today I put a Tasco Pro-Point that I had on hand and gave it a workout. After bore sighting it only took a few rounds to zero at 50 yds. I didn't measure the groups but they were approximately 1-2".

I am very impressed with the accuracy. Someone had shot some clay pigeons on the berm and I could easily hit the remaining fragments with just the red dot scope. I was shooting cheap Winchester ammo. I had some Federal, some Wolf and some CCI on hand expecting problems with the crappy ammo. I did not need to open the good ammo. I fired 4 magazines before moving on to other tasks but I did not experience one failure to fire or eject. It functioned perfectly. I paid about $500 for it and it came with a sight kit and additional rails that are still in the box. I will put a decent scope on it and see what it does with various ammo. I think I made a good choice for a .22 rifle and would highly recommend one.
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