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There's a lot to be said for the "don't ask, don't tell" idea, that has nothing to do with anything sexual.

And do check your company's "Employee Handbook" or what ever they call it, if they have one. Many contain badly written or even open ended rules you are expected to follow and can be used as VALID grounds for dismissal if you don't.

And I say "valid" because no matter how stupid seeming or even egregious, they are valid, because YOU AGREE to follow them. Usually without any idea of what they are, in detail.

One company I once worked for was ...decent enough, overall, but mostly because they rarely enforced the more onerous of their rules. But they were there, if needed....

Some companies seem to think that since the hired you, and pay you, they own you... 24/7. Including outside of work hours and off company property. Because, as they looked at it, being an employee meant that you "represented" the company, and to them, that meant at all times.

Got into a "discussion" with Mgt one time, because their rule book said "employees are forbidden to posess firearms". It did not say "at work" or "on company property" of have any other limiters.

Of course I was verbally told what it "meant", to which my counter was, "I get that, but that's NOT WHAT IT SAYS! Ask your lawyers about the difference..."

The next edition of the rule book modified the statement to during work hrs on company property, etc.

Another time it was over intellectual property rights. The company claimed authority over anything I might write or publish. Even if I used no company materials, company information, or company time.

Same company took a dim view of any kind of political activism (unless it was in their favor) outside of the workplace where it was expressly forbidden. And don't get me started on how they felt if your wife's cousin's idiot brother was a three time loser petty thief and dope dealer...(who was NOT welcome in my house or on my property, BTW)...

All unoffical...of course,,, BUT....

Back to parks, sorry...
Quite a while back one administration decided no carry in National Parks, at all. That was the rule for a long time. We won a "victory" with a much later administration changing that rule. As I understand it, carry in National Parks is now allowed "in accordance to all applicable Federal and State regulations".

So, if the Rangers (or park staff) say "no carry in buildings, otherwise ok" then do that. Its Federal property, and the rules don't require an Act of Congress to change them. Executive authority is enough.
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