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I've fired both of these, and both of them were very nice, but suited for slightly different roles. The BAR has too little mag capacity to be a true squad automatic, but it's light enough that it can be carried anywhere anyone else in the squad has to go. Downsides? The above-mentioned mag capacity, a lack of a quick-change barrel, and it DOES tend to climb on full-auto. The Bren is at the other end of the scale, but it's heavy enough that I wouldn't want to have to hump it all day. Because of the weight, you can fire a Bren all day long with no problem, but the huge curved mags are an absolute pain in the ass to carry. If you had to fire one of them standing, I'd go with the BAR, but if you could go prone, I'd take the Bren any day. It's accurate enough that they had to build some "wobble" into the bolt rod for use in area fire; otherwise, it would put everything into the same jagged pattern. The Bren's QC barrel lever is just visible on the other side of the above picture; you lift it up and slide the hot barrel out, then reverse the process for the cool one.
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