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...What I really don't understand, though, is why some of us don't make more of our talents. A number of posters have discussed shooting that is fine enough to make them National Champions.....and yet, unless they are Gunny Zinns in real life, they are not using those talents to their best. That I don't understand either...
Why would getting some kind of award like "National Champion", whatever that is, make "more of their talents"?

There are plenty of people who are great shots, great runners, great woodworkers, great musicians etc. They simply enjoy being highly skilled. Buying a trophy to go along with that set of skills doesn't make them any better at it. And not having a trophy certainly doesn't mean they "aren't using those talents to their best". The BEST use of my "talents", in any field, are self satisfaction in that field.

Life isn't a contest.

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