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Peter: You are being modest. That 50 yard target is marvelous shooting, especially if "offhand" means one hand unsupported.....but even if it were done with two, it is fine shooting.


Ps - an observation. I tend to take info in posts at face value. If someone says that they can shoot such and such a group (or not), I accept that. Others don't, I know...but I don't see why a person would lie about their prowess. What would be the point? To have some people that they don't know think that they are better shots than they really are? Doesn't make any sense to me.
What I really don't understand, though, is why some of us don't make more of our talents. A number of posters have discussed shooting that is fine enough to make them National Champions.....and yet, unless they are Gunny Zinns in real life, they are not using those talents to their best. That I don't understand either.
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