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From Hal,

Take the 4 target setup in tipoc's post for example.
If I took one shot at each target and hit each red bull dead center - that would be what, a 12" group?
Uh, no. That would be 4 separate shots at 4 separate targets. Had you shot 4 rounds at one of those targets the result would be a group.

Can you seriously say that's "bad shooting", based only on the "group size"?
You did not shoot a group. You shot one shot at four different targets and hit each, in your example.

Your second example is as silly.

Again I don't understand what point you are trying to make other than to brag that you can shoot better than some others. Or that shooting at a thing more than once is no good or that you have a prejudice against it. Or that folks should not practice.

It also seems, maybe, that you don't quite understand that the group is the result of shooting multiple shots at the same thing. The aim is for all to hit in the same space, more or less and the group is the result. A person does this to test their skills, their gun, their ammo or just for the fun of it. It how you sight in handguns or rifles.

That all depends on the range. @ 25 to 30 feet, a can is far too large a target. @ that range, I prefer something more realistic - a spent 9mm Luger case is more like it or a spent .22lr case.
A can would be more appropriate for 200 yards. Maybe 300.
Sorry Hal but at 200-300 yards I can't see a Campbell's soup can over the iron sights of a handgun.


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