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George Helser
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Swamp Yankee,

I have been using WW748 for many years in my AR15 SP1. I settled on WW748 after testing some IMR powders in the 70s.

I have been very happy with WW748:
- Functions well in my AR15
- Very low flash
- Good accuracy
- Very high velocity
- It meters very well

One problem I ran into is with temperature. I initially was testing in winter conditions (around freezing) and used loading data of up to 28.5 gr WW748 which showed low pressure. Years later I fired this ammo at 100F and had excess pressure with primers
popping out!
Today I load 52-55gr bullets with 27.0 gr WW748 giving 3100 fps in my AR15 and pressure is fine.

Good luck!

In sunny Arizona
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