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Hey Swamp...

I've used H-335 for years for my .223 handloading and have had very good results. I have found that it meters beautifully. I think you can expect W748 to perform virtually the same. Some folks insist that W748 and H-335 are the very same propellant. Maybe they are, but don't get ME to lyin' to ya!

I tried some 748 when I first attempted to handload for my new Model 70 in .223 Remington. I think I got my data from the Lyman 46th Edition that time. Because of my experiences with handloading for .280 Remington, I took a rather incautious approach and did not start with the lightest loads first. On my first two shots, I thought there was something wrong with my chronograph---I was getting around 3500 fps using 50-grain Nosler Ballistic Tips! "NO WAY!" I thought. When I saw the target up close, I found that the bullets were keyholing. I then decided that maybe my chrono was right, and I went home and pulled bullets on the rest of the loads I had planned to try.

Anyway, I would urge you to try some 748 for your .223. I think you'll be pleased!
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