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The fact that there is no maker's name tends to indicate it is not a high quality gun, and I have not found anything on that name.

That being said, most post-WWII Spanish guns are of reasonable quality and safe enough for normal use. There are two major problems. The first is that US importers came and went, so those guns, even some "name" guns have no home in the US and there is no source of parts or service. The second problem is that they were often made by a cottage industry, where one family would make, say, hammers, another triggers, and so forth, then all the parts would be taken to a factory and hand fitted. So even if parts are available, they would have to be hand fitted at US gunsmith costs, which are a lot more than the Spanish folks were paid.

So if you want to use the gun, do so and good luck. But if anything breaks, stick it over the fireplace and forget trying to have it repaired.

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