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You might be able to drive the sight blade out, glue or no glue. Just try not to batter the base, break off the screw or strip the threads, or mar the barrel. The worst case is you will have grind the front sight blade out with a Dremel tool and file/cut away the glue. Unless you are an expert with a Dremel, you may ruin the ramp and have to replace that also.

Or just leave the front sight on. It may be a blur in the scope but it won't really interfere that much.

FWIW, what the shop was likely going to do was set the barreled action up in a milling machine and mill away the front sight blade without damaging the ramp. They can't do that with the stock on. That is the neatest way to do it and the least likely to damage the ramp or the barrel. But milling machines cost money, lots of it, so if you are scared by the cost of a few hand tools, best forget about the DIY stuff.

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