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I have put shells in before walking to stand to avoid the loud noise of my 1187 action. We get lots of doe permits so no problem where we hunt so all is tagged. We have forgotten the permits after tracking a deer so instead of walking a mile back and forth, we have dragged the deer put it in truck and then tagged it back at the ranch. (deer hear are to be tagged at point of transport.) All deer are tagged, no night hunting, always safe. We are safety zealots. If anyone ever has a shell in there gun in the truck he is maligned for the rest of the season, as a novice, unsafe, has bad lineage, poor upbringing, ignorant and anything else we can muster. It's more of a sport if you follow the rules and sort of makes it fun. We have all said, Mother ***** if it was 10 minutes later/earlier I could have, should have etc. If you follow the rules it gives you a great sense of honor and it teaches the new hunters to follow the rules. If you start to follow the rules of game taking it's a slippery slope and then you get to.. "hey it was almost daybreak, or I only had shells in my gun but the action was open.. or I was just about on our property.. etc., and soon trouble ensues. Play it safe play it clean and take the challenge of getting game legally.
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