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I knew of two other people who broke laws fairly regularly.... One guy was in high school, so it's been some years, and the other guy has since passed, so he won't get in any trouble.
High school guy used to live in the UP of MI, most of it's rather remote, not much work, and they did in fact shoot for food. They would usually hunt legal though, but if they didn't see anything, they would set up a motion detector out back over the bait pile. There was a light always on over the pile, the motion detector went into the house into the bedroom to a lamp. So at 2am, light goes on, head to the other room where the 06 was and shoot from inside to reduce the noise outside, get the deer after light. From what I understand, this is fairly common up there, but like I said, from what I hear, the mostly did it for food.
The other guy, he was an old redneck who would go out with 2 other guys, one driving, one shining, and one in the back with a .22 shooting. He said they'd just shoot right between the eyes and they'd drop. Have no idea why he did it, personally, I think he just liked the idea of getting away with something.
Myself, I try to follow every rule, I have terrible luck and if I ever tried to push my luck, I'd get caught. Just not worth it, besides, for me, just being out there is fun. I don't think I would get the same satisfaction if I were "cheating". I have to say, if I ever NEEDED the food, rules be d***ed! I'll do whatever it takes then, but I'm not there yet!
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