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I usually keep my mouth shut, but I thought I'd open it this one time.

I was reading a competing periodical the other day because it had pretty pics. I like pretty pics.

Imagine my surprise when I got to one of the last articles in the mag, and it read eerily familiar. At first, I was boggled by the sense of DeJaVu and figured that I had read the article first and forgot about reading it.

A bit later, I picked up the mag to read some more, and the first article I came to, in the front of the mag, was identical to what I remembered reading at the back of the mag. Minutes of frantic skipping back and forth, and...., yup.... it was the exact same article by the same author, covering two entirely different weapons. It was verbatim excepting only where the name of the gun had to be changed.

Haven't yet seen that in SWAT.

As to Claire Wolfe, I'm cool with her writings. I don't agree with a lot of what she writes, but I like that she's inciting dialogue. She's making people think. That's a good thing.

What would I like to see in future issues?

One thing I've been thinking about, and that I think would be popular is some kind of "interactive" challenge. When I took the TriCon CP1 course, we had a shootoff at the end of the last day, the winner taking home a G2 flashlight. Jeff set the bar by firing the drill in a medium speed of something like 5.2 seconds. It wasn't a difficult drill, but it was fun and people did really try their best to win...because everybody wants to be a winner.

Couldn't SWAT do something similar by printing a simple challenge; the winner getting nothing more than honorable mention, if that. Say, for example, perform a double-tap, from the holster (concealed), in less than 2.8 seconds. Or, build a fire without using matches. Or, navigate a given course with map and compass.

For some people, any particular challenge might be too simple, but for some that challenge will be more than can be accomplished (I hate compasses, and they hate me.)

Just thought it would be fun. Probably not practical, though. Now you know why I generally keep my mouth shut.
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