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Rich, I'm glad you didn't take my comment too negatively and willing to use it in a positive way.
I cannot sit here and tell you what kind of articles to put in your magazine as that would be selfish of me and your other readers and subscribers may like the content as it is. If you want me to give my opinions on articles I personally like and dislike, I will gladly do so.

While I'm here posting. I would like to make a comment on an article in the July issue about 'The Controversial Chamber Check'.
Rich, between you, me and everyone else. Have you heard or felt that checking your chamber by pulling your handgun's slide back a little to check if a round was there was a controversial subject or really that difficult to do without having to think up of all kind of techniques and handgrabs in order to safely grab your handguns's slide and pull it back without putting your hand in front of the muzzle? Does grabbing a handgun's slide and pulling it back a little really kick so many gun owner's asses out there?
I swear, either the author was making things up just to write an article, is uncoordinated or has weak hands if he feels that pulling a handgun's slide back a little to check the chamber is that much of a controversial subject and skill to achieve successfully and safely.
I mean, c'mon now. This is an example of an article that I wish I didn't use up time reading
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