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In the '96 Ohio season I shot (& harvested) a standing buck at 118 paces (in front of witnesses)- the combination was an Active slug in a very elderly full choked Winchester M12. I'd not recommend this to anyone, however I have thoroughly tested all available loads through all of the 12 gauge shotguns I own that I'd be willing to put a slug through and this combination in this shotgun really works well- though it is on the ragged end of the range at which I can be assured of a clean kill. I have a friend who has a Remington M870 with a factory full choke which will place 5 shots in a grapefruit sized group at 80 yards with Actives. Other shotguns do prefer other shells. All I can add is that if you want to try slugs in a full choked barrel, head for the range soon with 50 of every make and load of slug which your Mossberg will chamber. Shoot 3 groups of 5 shots each at 50 yards, then take the best two or three slug loads & move the target out to 75 yards. Shoot 2 groups of 5 for each selected load at 75. If you can still reliably hit the kill zone, move the target to 100 yards, then 125. You'll find out where your group comes apart, what your sight picture needs to look like at the longer ranges, and have a sore, blue shoulder. If one load shows promise, head back to the point of purchase & buy a goodly supply from the same lot. Then practice frequently 'till deer season opens. If you aren't willing and/or able experiment extensively as described above, please don't try to extend the range at which you shoot slugs to beyond say 50 yards. And if you're interested don't wait until October to start your tests.
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