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Rob Pincus
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I have hunted with an 870 which ha a factory full choke barrel and a bead site. My step-father has also hunted with it, several times. We use Activ or Federal Slugs through it and have found it to be extremely accurate. I personally shot a running buck at about 70 yards a couple years ago with an Active Slug.
In New Jersey, you cannot hunt with a Rifle, so this gun was the next thing for a long time. Since then he has gotten a Browning Bolt action Slug Gun, which is much more accurate beyond 75-80 yards than the 870 was. I stil use the 870 when in Jersey.

For my Benneli, I have found a Brenneke SLug that works very well out to 100 yards through a modified Choke. I am going to try out the Triton "Quick Shot" 500 grain slugs soon, to see which choke works best.

I like the idea of a Slug that works well through an Improved Modified or Full choke, since those are better choices for defenseive applications, in most circumstances. Tighter patterns with Buck shot mean less chance of a stray pellet.

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