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as a dealer i have sold over 60 of these cva inlines and have no customer complaints. I even have one regular customer that has bought 7 from me , 5 eclipse and 2 hunterbolts.
dollar for dollar they cannot be beat. I own four smokepoles myself and my eclipse is as accurate and reliable as my other 3 rifles which are a $500 remington reproduction, a T/C greyhawk, and a 50 cal Knight. I own the remington because it is ok for nssa and the knight because as a dealer I could buy it for a song and the T/C was a gun a customer ordered and didn't want. I will most likely only buy cva from now on as I now know there is not much truth to the crap that you have to spend a ton of cash to have a good gun !!! I shoot my eclipse often and would put it against any other smokepole on the market today.....not bragging , just stating fact !
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