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I own a CVA Traditional gun - I have no experiance with their in-lines so take this for what it is worth.

I believe CVA puts a good barrel on their guns and in my opinion that is the single most important part of the gun. The remaining components are decent, but not top of the line - therefore you can save some $$$. What this boils down to is the gun will most likely shoot as well as any of the more expensive ML, but it won't look as good, won't last as long, or take as much abuse as a quality gun will.

My CVA has given me no problems at all. I hunted with it for two years and still use it as a loaner or back up gun. I paid something like $75 NIB and have had no regrets - I've gotten my money's worth out of it. I didn't expect to have the best ML in the field, but the gun as proven itself to be more than adequate for hunting.

If you aren't sure about muzzleloading or don't have the $$$ CVA - in my opinion - is a good way to go. If you get a CVA gun and really get into black powder you'll end up upgrading in a few years - if you decide its not for you then you haven't invested as much, and won't feel bad about leaving it behind.
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