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For starters, I have spoken to Ruger AT LENGTH about what I am doing, and they say a WILL NOT blow up a P-series with these pressures (est. 25,000 psi), and they fully acknowledge that the P90 in particular is able to safely and reliably fire +p and +p+ .45 loads. (SAMMI spec +p+=25,000 psi)Their limitation to the gun is they do not condone firing .45 Super in the gun. They say the gun will not blow up (KB) but you could have a problem with barrel to receiver lockup and might blow a case...

This is not a 1911 style weapon... It is a Ruger design DA/SA originally planned for 10MM. (40,000 psi) It is one tough SOB, so far... over 5000 rounds shot through it, one third of those were HOT loads... no visible signs of wear...

.45 Super... Fat and FAST...

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