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FWIW, it is extremely unlikely that modern center fire ammo (and WWII is modern) will go off from being dropped, even if the primer were to hit something small enough. It is even less likely (I might say impossible) that rounds in a clip would be set off by dropping. Still, if your concern was removed, you may have done the best thing for your own peace of mind.

Let me add one more caution in regard to cap and ball revolvers. During the Civil War, many cavalrymen and officers carried loaded and capped spare cylinders for faster reloading. That was justified in wartime. But I have seen people on ranges doing this because they have read about it or think that it is the way to reload.

But a loaded and capped cylinder is really a short barrel pistol. If it rolls off the bench (as one almost did) and drops on a cap, that chamber can fire with possibly lethal effect.

FWIW, I always load cap and ball revolvers and rifle muskets with cartridges to avoid having any black powder in open containers or even in a flask where guns are being fired.

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