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You should take that 1100 out Dove hunting. Picture going hunting with a few friends. You get out to where there is a decent sized water hole or two, you are standing a good ways off from everyone else, but mostly you guys have that hole surrounded.

In come the first birds, three from your left. They are initially small black specks that are growing quickly in size as they come winging in. Just as they start taking on more definition, becoming a grey color, your friend a little close on the left pops off a couple of shots and one bird folds up it's wings and plummets to earth. No time for that now, the other two birds jink left and right then both turn right into you.

You lead the first, squeeze, the shotgun bucks against your shoulder and the bird drops, one left, you sight in quickly, bang bang, and down he goes. Three birds for the pot. You go pick them up, wring their necks to be sure, and drop them into your game bag.

You'll be cleaning about 25 of them later that evening as you drink a beer, tell jokes with the other hunters and tease any unfortunate enough to have done something that remotely warrants ridicule but only good natured teasing. The kids will come around and poke at the birds and ask kid questions with their endless curiosity. And then you'll sit down to one good meal with friends and family.

Or you could just let that shotgun sit on your wall.
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