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I agree with FireForged..... I think its non sense and people are just trying to look tacticool. That turtling posture is just over doing it and yeah you might flinch when you get spooked but you won't stay turtled up the entire time...... you won't know how your body will react until you are put into a stressful situation. If you think training will takeover then why not practice firing at targets behind you instead of just looking back.....
Sooo, what's your suggestion? Since people will act how they train, how do you train them to be aware and drop the target fixation?

I don't know about anyone else, but when I look before holstering, I'm actually looking. It's not just a movement. It's knowing that if that critical moment comes, my head will actually be in the direction of any other possible threat.

This is a new trend I'm seeing online. Basically, any newish type of training that a lot of people do immediately being called "Tacticool" without really considering what's going on. Some of it, I would agree with you. The Magpul "flip" for example. But looking around and behind you isn't just some "tacticool" movement, it serves a very important purpose. If you haven't trained for it, and the critical moment comes, it's VERY likely, you won't look for any other threats, and that puts you in danger.
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