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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Why would your government think that 6 is ok but 10 isn't?
Becuse it is "reasonable" (/sarc) ..... I'll tell you why they say 6 is fine but 10 is not: It is the very same reason that a 30, 15, or 12 round magazine is not OK, but 10 rounds is fine: so that in 5 years they can tell you that 6 is not OK but 3 is fine ...... repeat until you are left with but one, and that is so highly regulated as to be a PITA .... what can you do with one (probably muzzle loading single shot in piddly caliber) gun ...... and who really cares but a very, very few gun nuts, anyhow?

It is confiscation, but in small increments. Call it a "boiling frog", a "slippery slope", "death by a thousand cuts", whatever.

ENOUGH! It's my damned cake!
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