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Marlin Firearms Company retains the rights to the name "L.C. Smith" and in 2005 introduced 12 and 20 gauge guns made in Italy by Fausti Stefano under the name L.C. Smith. In 2007, they offered a 28 gauge and a .410's made in Spain by Zabala. Both the over-unders and side-by-sides are box locks, and are in no way mechanically related to the guns designed by W.H. Baker and Alexander Brown, and sold by L.C. Smith Maker, Syracuse New York (1883-1892 but purchased by John Hunter in 1888), Hunter Arms Co., Fulton New York (1892-1945), L.C. Smith Gun Co., Inc. owned by Marlin (1945-1950), nor the Marlin L.C. Smith (1968-1972).
From the LC Smith Collectors Association
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