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Nuthin' but Holy Black for me!

I got a range report over on Voy if ya wanna see it, pics of the targets I'm about to make mention. Hers' the Target and powder part of it.
Brought out a .36 1858 Euroarms Rem, a .44 1858 SS Euroarms Rem, and a ROA 7 1/2 bbl w/ adj. sites.
I used Goex fffg in the two Euroarms and 777 ffg in the ROA...25gr BP in the
.36 shot great tight holes touchin groups, so did the .44 Euro.
They both shot bean cans at 25yds repeatedly...I had upped the .44 Euro to 30gr Bp and it loved it.
The ROA with 777 ffg loaded w/ 25.5 grains +15%= 30gr BP I had two holes touchin' once and a 5" spread on the other three. I tryed another cylincder uppin' it top 30gr of 777 ffg +15%= 43.5gr or 35gr BP. Shot a better group tighter about 3"...but at 40 ft that ain't acceptable to me.
And along with that 2 squibs/misfires and 3 hang fires...I put the ROA down and kept shootin my Rems with real Black Powder.
Y'all can have that Hogdon 777 stuff ifin ya want...and my share too.
Nuthin but Holy Black for me.
.36 Euroarms 1858 25gr BP

.44 Euroarms SS 1858 25gr BP

ROA 1st grp 25.5gr 777

ROA 2nd grp 30gr 777

Tell me which one you prefer Black Powder fffg or 777ffg

.36 Rem left .44 rem right 25yds

"I Smoke Black Powder" "Favor an 1858 Remington"
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