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Jbar4Ranch, you got me on a technicality, I should have typed that as 10,000 PSI of Gas Pressure, since H.P. White conducted the test as it relates to combustion, where by the time the bullet seperates from the case, 10,000 PSI or less of gas pressure has developed from combustion. Given the the topic of the debate, I thought that would be a given, But I admire your werewithal to conduct your own test in pneumatic pressure, even if it doesn't have any relevance.

The point of all this is to show that peak pressure can not take place at the cylinder of a revolver and understanding peak pressure and pressure curves will help to make a more informed choice on powder selection in regard to barrel length. WeShoot2 was with the school of thought that felt that peak pressure occured at the cylinder, but when the fire got hot he bugged out. I am glad he posted a link to the thread though, as it bears evidence to the facts.

Concerning the sprinkler system at the Twin Towers: The original building specification did call for the possibility of an off course 707 from JFK loaded with jet fuel striking a Tower. The architect's and engineers that designed the WTC and all the engineers that reviewed the plans felt that the Fire protection system was adequate to meet that specification, even though it was not even adequate to extinguish a conventional fire on the higher floors of either Tower. They didn't like pressure data either it would seem, or maybe it was just beyond their scope. I think God had in fact took a wizz on the whole thing previously anyway with that tower of Babel thing, he took a wizz on man confusing intelligence with arrogance.
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