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I found it to be entertaining myself, since there seems to be an abundance of "experts" that really have little more to do than flex their imagined prowess of knowledge. Disruption is a drag, but sometimes necessary to halt the continued spread of misconception.

Dislodging the bullet from its case requires 10,000 PSI and that is science from H.P. White labarotories, by Physicists rather than engineers. The point is, while some may see it as blahblahblah, others may find it useful in altering loads to a specific barrel length for optimum performance. Accurate #9 has proven to be an excellent powder for the .41 Magnum and I wouldn't argue with the use of H-110, or W-296, but understanding the blahblahblah, might shed some light on the fact that the burn geometery of #9 is about perfect for the .41 Magnum with barrel lengths of 6-7.5". Accurate's 4100 could also be a great choice. However, with barrels shorter than 6", I would move up in speed a little bit with a very slightly faster burner than #9 and VV N105 is a good place to start. Blue Dot and #7 are very solid choices as well.
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