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hey, thanks guys. good thing i got small containers of the various powders, it sounds like i may have a few more to try out!

the W231 and the 215 gr cast sounds like it should be a pretty good medium target load. i got the W231 to load .45 acp, with the additional benefit of lower velocity .41 mag loads.

Lead bullets with these powders really isn't recommended unless they're extremely hard, or have gas checks.
if this because of bore leading? i noticed that my bore was a little harder to clean after using the AA#9 with 215 gr cast.

WESHOOT2, so you had better results with the H110 compared to the W296? i will definitely give the H110 a try for the full house loads.

It's only drawback is that it is extremely fine, and can leak through many powder measures.
i have the same problem with the AA#9 in my lee perfect powder measure. i gave up on it and just drop it by hand onto the scale. powder was going EVERYWHERE.
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