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Originally Posted by Chaparral View Post
Yeah you are completely right. I should have just drove around in circles going to convenient stores snacking on peanuts and circling the parking lot until they were gone. Yeah your right. I should let three possible thugs dictate when, where, and how I move in life. These Texas gangs like MS13 LOVE for you to be afraid. And your right about the weapon too. I should have let them cave the side of my head in with the bottle and then pull the weapon. Or I could have sat in the truck with the doors locked waiting till whenever to go to my room. All sounds great!
So you know for a fact that these guys were MS13 and not three drunk guys? And you scared off three members of MS13 by coming up with, "My watch is broken"? Damn.

I'm not asking you to drive around all night. At some point you have to go to bed and I'm a realist. But heck a short delay is better than potentially having to kill 3 people, right? If you came back and they were still there maybe stop in at the front desk and ask if they know who they are. Maybe ask if the person can get the police to do a drive by. At least work some options before walking right into what you perceived to be an imminent threat. But I forgot. You have a gun. You're deputized by default. And these three guys that hadn't yet done anything to confirm they were a threat you were going to walk over there weapon drawn ready to kill them if they gave you any grief. "My training took over". You know I've seen that video. That guy was also from Texas.

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