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You observe a group of men that make you uneasy.. so uneasy in fact that you draw a weapon and cover it with a coat. I would say that if I feel that I need to hold a gun in my hand in order to enter a hotel, I wont enter it at the present time. If a minor inconvenience can save me from being harmed or potential having to harm someone else, I will gladly accept an inconvenience.

If the man indeed turned the bottle around as if to use it like a bludgeon, I agree that it certainly seems like they were going to make a move on you. At the same time, if that was their intent and the fellow was actually readying himself to make a move on you. I don't see your "verbal quip" as being an effective means to dissuade them from trying. I wont say that you were wrong in your assessment of these men, you may be 100% correct but I find it odd if the suggesting is that that they aborted simply because you didn't look at your watch.

Good job on paying attention..

I offer a demerit on walking right into a situation when or [if] your gut was telling you that you that you needed a gun at the ready.
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