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I have three basic types of loads for my ..357 magnum - Light, Moderate, and Heavy.

Light Loads: aka - .38 spec light loads: around 900 fps. Titegroup. I load a 125 gr. lead bullet over 3.0 grains of TG in a .38 spec case. Super light recoil in my GP100 and superb accuracy.

Moderate Loads: aka - the standard fun plinker: 1200 fps, 158 gr lead bullet. I used to use Unique but I just can't stand the way it meters. I am moving over to PPistol for this. I expect something around 6.0 - 7.0 of PP will do the trick but this will require testing. I suppose that I could just run TG a little hotter, but what the heck. Variety is the spice of life. That, and I hear very good things about PP.

Heavy Loads: Aka, Boomers. Aka, Hunting Loads. 1700fps and a 125 gr jacketed bullet, 1300 fps and a 180 gr jacketed bullet. 2400 gets the nod for this for me. I suppose that H110 or Lil Gun may get a few more FPS, but to me, the reaility is that if I need to push the cartridge that hard I should really be considering a bigger gun!
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