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Originally Posted by Bill DeShivs View Post
Pistol grip shotguns are darned hard to hit anything with.
You are more than correct ... I wouldn't have believed it but I watched a LEO try to dispatch an attacking dog with a pistol gripped stocked 12 gauge pump , on my city street , the dog was coming towards him from down the street , he was watching the dog come
and by the time he opened car trunk and readied weapon the dog was 10 feet away and closing fast .... the LEO MISSED ... 4 shots ... the first shot at 6 feet , point blank but the LEO was unnerved by the dog's attacking ...comming in low and growling .
The dog stopped and LEO missed a second time at 10 feet ... By the time LEO jacked a third round in chamber the dog was 15 feet away on a run ... LEO shot twice at fleeing dog and dog disappeared behind a house .
I believe the guy should have practiced some fast and furious shooting with that cut down pump ... he may have been better off with a butt stocked shotgun .
The shorties are not as easy to hit with as you would imagine ...
that LEO missed 4 shots and I would never have believed it ... but I watched it happen!
Pumping another round in the chamber quickly ... messes up your sight / hold / picture ... it doesn't matter what you are shooting ... only hits count ...he (LEO) missed 4 times and had to call Animal Control ...hits count .

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