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Just a heads-up on one scam you need to be aware of if you talk on the phone with a seller: A lot of folks selling in the Facebook Marketplace or other online buy/sell/trade forums, say they will have a seller or a buyer who claims to want to confirm they are real, and ask for their cell phone number. Then, they say, because there is so much phone number forging, they want to message a code to you and for you to read them that code over the phone.


What they have actually done is apply for a Google phone number using your cell phone. The code is actually coming from Google to verify you are who you say you are. It is not coming from the caller. If you give the code to the caller, they then use it to authenticate themselves to Google as being you. Google then gives them the new phone number that is in your name. They use that number for various scams, but because it is linked to you, they cannot be traced to it.

This scam has exploded apparently in response to people signing on to the new FCC STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication system to help block Robocallers and others using forged caller IDs. So the scammers have to get their hands on real phone numbers with a real person's caller ID that is authenticated by the system. They want to stay hidden, so they impersonate you while they run their scam, and when the person they are scamming reports the number, if anyone gets into trouble it is you.

One characteristic reported repeatedly is that these callers get incensed and belligerent when you refuse to give them the code. I guess that must work with some people. It may also be true only of some individuals running the scam, but there seems to be a network (perhaps on the Dark Web?) of uniform system training for scammers, which is why you see so many beggars using the exact same approach. Anyway, stay safe out there.
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