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Want a 30 cal battle rifle .. can I complain just a little?

So I have found 4 that trip my trigger:

1) forged receiver M1a. Pushing over 2k, very expensive in my opinion, everyone seems sold out (not that it matters) and the ammo is a buck a round...

2) DSA FAL. Pushing $1600 and sold out, see above for ammo price

3) Zastava ZPAP ak - there is one for sale locally with a 75 round drum and 200 rounds for $1500 (add ffl and 'use tax') What the what? For an AK?

4) Valmet RK62 - pushing $4k on brokegunner (why do I even look, well because it is THE sexy rifle in my book)

... sigh...

Will patience pay off, or is this just the way it is going to be from now on???
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