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I don't have any interest in reloading, but maybe someday.

My brother and I will be splitting up his large (150 or so) collection someday if he still has it. We're both into guns and started shooting in elementary school. My brother and I like the newer assault rifles, and dad has some of them, but alot of the older ones too. It was always cool to be able to look at the actual guns that were on our video games.

As far as the carcano re-bareling idea, what other calibers have the same case head as 6.5carcano? I know about 7.62x39, what would be some others? .357 mag? .40 S&W? isn't there an AR round based on the 7.62x39?

I would think that one of the few advantages of being clip fed is that it would make it easier to convert calibers with just a magazine spacer since the rounds are held in place by the clip.

Just an idea, I guess you can tell why I'm an engineering major.
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