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Not that you aren't already ... but be a very good son! I don't know if you have siblings, but if not, you could end up with a big boost in your collection. Even if you Dad doesn't gift some or all to you, if he knows you are interested, he might give you the right of first refusal and/or cut you a really hard to beat "family" discount.

I'm almost 69 and I know that if I had a son who was as interested as you seem to be, I'd do everything in my power to pass along ALL my knowledge and ALL my firearms. Yes, I could sell them ... but that would not be my first instinct in the scenerio I'm painting.

Also, if you were really interested in doing a caliber change to a Carcano, a GREAT choice would be keep the Carcano brass and rebarrel in either .264" or .308". I've ordered barrels from folks like Pac-Nor and had them custom profile from a barrel I supplied them. Yes, there's a small fee for them to do this ... but if you really want a different caliber, it can be done. Going with .264" you could use stock, inexpensive ($30 at Midway) LEE 6.5 Carcano dies for reloading ... or just shoot Privi (I believe they are still using a .264" bullet ... anybody know anything to the contrary?). Further, you could use existing Carcano clips. Just a thought. The .308" option means custom dies, they won't break the bank, but the first option is cheaper. I'd just make sure the gunsmith putting this .264" together PROMINENTLY marks the barrel: .264" BORE.
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