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and what service pistol doesn't have to jump through a bunch of hoops and get special waivers to be adopted by military and police? I guess all I S&W rep has to do is hand a catalog to a police chief and they just order 75 M&P40s without a second thought? and the US military switched to the M9 without any field tests, they just decided they wanted something different that shot 9mm nato? beretta must have just been the first ones in line.

the 1911 served from 1911 to 1985, a 74 year service life which is pretty much extraordinary for any service arm. USMC has roughly 12,000 1911s for MEU use. it is anything but a dinosaur.

Is millitary did do testing in the berreta 92. It was orginally just the 92f but the slide can crack causing it to fly off the gun so berreta made the 92fs and fixed the problem with slides comming off. The us millitary dont go and adopt a gun without testing.
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