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The laws here refer to another person being the legal equal of the self when self defense is involved. If your wife or children are attacked, the armed individual can defend them. A coworker, the person at your table at dinner, the table next to yours,the guy in the kitchen, even, or your neighbor who has been jumped by thugs. That's the letter of law,if anyone in the vicinity is in extreme danger, lethal force is justified.

The farther a person reaches beyond his own personal space, however,the greater the personal risk becomes in legal issues.

The example could be that if I was presented with a knife and a credible risk, it is within the law. There's no guarantee, though, and that ain't advice.

If I heard a woman screaming in the park at night and saw some goon beating her with a baseball bat, forfy yards away, I might be inclined to act. If it turns out that it was just a couple of stupid teenagers playing with a nerf bat, my God,I have obviously gone beyond reasonable belief, I guess, what did I see that absolutely made me believe that it was a life and death situation that led me to lean on a tree and head shoot the guy from over 100 feet away?

With every bit of distance in any of the various means of making a decision you have between yourself and your target, your risk of screwing up increases.

If I saw someone hit my neighbor, I would have grave concerns about his spinal injury and that would be the first step in the decision, if he is beaten badly it would probably paralyze him. There would be many, many other things for consideration before I grabbed the rifle from my closet and shot his attacker from about 100 feet.

The problem would be that I wouldn't know a thing, so my decision would be very weak.
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